Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Chocolates from Vintage Plantations

heart shaped chocolate truffle

When I found out that one of my friends had started dating a chocolatier, I knew it was my duty to obtain some of his chocolates to taste test for my blog :) He was kind enough to send over a box for me to try.

His company, Vintage Plantations, not only produces yummy chocolates, but it's focused on helping small chocolate business in the countries where the beans actually grow. Here's a quote from the site: "Our products are made only from fermented, native original Vintage cocoa beans and honor the local flavor of the plantations, each harvest, and the distinctiveness of beans from one farm to another."

box of chocolates with red ribbon bow

I love companies with a true mission to help others, especially ones that make the world a yummier place! Check out some of their delicious and beautiful truffles:

espresso truffle in box of chocolates

star truffle in box of chocolates

There were two of each type in the box, and they were all delicious! I wanted to take a photo of the filling of each one... but unfortunately I consumed them all too fast, so hopefully the outside is enough eye candy for you all ;)

round caramel chocolate trufflepink painted chocolate truffle

pink painted chocolate truffleheart shaped chocolate truffle

milk chocolate painted chocolate truffleespresso chocolate truffle

milk chocolate painted chocolate trufflepraline chocolate truffle

They also have some really cute Valentine's Day chocolates in their shop. Check out the "bleeding hearts" with raspberry ganache filling... they look so good! :)

box of chocolates with red ribbon bow


Monday, January 25, 2010

Farmer's Market

I stopped for a few minutes at a recent farmer's market near my office. It's so amazing how beautiful fruits and vegetables can be :) Luckily, I had my camera with me and shot some frames.

macoun apples

Macoun apples — my very favorite kind.

macoun apples and other apples in a crate

pears in a crate


They had some amazing root veggies!

long purple root vegetable

Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts

They had a few flowers at the market as well. Calla lilies are so elegant :)

As you all might be able to tell, I've decided to just go with the flow and post whenever I have something to share that I love. I have a couple of posts on deck involving chocolate and pie... can't beat that :)