Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Parisian Apple Tartlet - Tuesdays with Dorie

apple tartlet side view

This is, simply put, the easiest dessert that I have made so far. Plus, it is seriously delicious! Jessica of My Baking Heart really hit a home run with this TWD choice.

[Parisian apple tartlet recipe]

apple tartlet top view

All you need to make this dessert (if you buy the puff pastry at the store, that is — I don't even want to contemplate making it at this point!) is a circle of puff pastry, a half of an apple, brown sugar and butter.

pepperidge farm puff pastry

Sorry, Dorie... no all-butter puff pastry in the grocery store, so I made do with this.

apple in cutter on pastry

The cutter was supposed to be 4" wide, but this one was a little smaller and it was the biggest cutter I had. Next time I'll make sure to make it a little bigger, because there wasn't quite enough pastry around the edges.

cut up appletartlets assembled
topped with brown sugar and butterbaked tartlets

There was a little burnt sugar action since the sugar and juices ran off the side of the tartlets. Could be because my pastry was too small... or because I added too much extra sugar ;)

close up of tartlet

Well, that's it! Easiest... recipe... ever. Love. I think this blog post is causing me more effort than actually making the recipe.

Parisian Apple Tartlet

1 1/8-inch-thick 4-inch circle cold puff pastry
1/2 firm sweet apple, such as a Golden Delicious or Fuji, peeled and cored
1 to 2 t light brown sugar
1 t cold butter, cut into 3 pieces

[full recipe instructions on Jessica's blog]

Nutrition Facts from NutritionData.com:
per 1 recipe
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I honestly thought it would be healthier, but that pastry is killer! I forgot to weigh my pastry, so I used a guesstimate of 40g of baked pastry per 4" circle to calculate the calories. Might be a little less.

close up of tartlet

Thanks to Jessica for making my life easy this week :) You can get the recipe on her blog: Supplicious. The rest of the tartlets can be ogled through the TWD blogroll!

half eaten tartlet

(Note: It's impossible to eat this without getting your hands dirty ;) )


Melissa said...

Your tartlet looks great! And I totally agree, it's impossible to eat these by hand without becoming a mess. I resorted to using a fork!

Sabrina said...

Beautiful job!!! I loved how simple they were to make!

Marthe said...

I love your pictures, as always!! Your tartlets look soooo yummy!

vibi said...

LOL LOL I'm like you Kim, this is almost not a recipe anymore, that it is soooo simple to put together!

And ah! HA! yes... one can eat them without getting their hands dirty - either with a fork, or like the French do... wrapped in wax paper! Gotcha!!! (kidding of course)

Very, very well done!

Anjeanette said...

I used the Pepperidge Farms one too. Why mess with something simple? Yours look lovely. Life is a little better with dirty hands anyway;)

The Scootabaker said...

This would be great for the dessert course of a dinner party! It's "French" and looks like it could be complicated, but totally not. Those are seriously the best recipes. You know, the ones that look labor intensive and make you look super skilled but is easier than making a bowl of cereal! I'm bookmarking this! It's cute with a small pastry like that. It's like an apply crown!

Soy*Baby said...

Looks great. I love the picture of the halved apple. So pretty. I thought these were delicious and simple. Perfect dessert.

Amy of Sing For Your Supper said...

Beautiful tartlets! I absolutely loved these!!

steph- whisk/spoon said...

i totally agree-- more effort to write a post than to make the dessert! looks so good...just the right size!!

Rachel said...

Lovely as always! Glad to know these were so easy--I may attempt them one of these days....

chocolatechic said...

I can't wait to make these again, they are just so easy...and fun.

Jessica of My Baking Heart said...

Thanks so much for baking along with me this week!! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! :)

Unknown said...

Your tartlet is super cute! Ha, and you're right - I think writing the blog post WAS more work than actually making this treat :)

Katrina said...

The messy hands issue must be why in Dorie's photo, she's got the tartlet wrapped in parchment. ;)
Yep, so easy, and delicious!
I copped out and didn't use puff pastry, BECAUSE I knew about puff pastry and it's "nutrition" info. I even mentioned on my blog for people to check out yours if they wanted to know. I love that you do the work for us on that. Thanks.
I used phyllo instead. Still good and so easy! As always, great photos.

Hindy said...

I love your corralled apple. Very appealing!

Heather said...

A picture perfect tart! I love your process pics - they are very helpful for a puff pastry novice like me.

Charli said...

Your tarts look wonderful! I didn't have the right size cutter either...so I just used a knife and eyeballed it. After the 'puffing' you couldn't really tell ;)

Pamela said...

Easiest recipe ever, indeed! Great pictures, as always, Kim!

Cathy said...

I totally agree that this one is a home run. Every bit as delicious as some desserts that take 5 times longer to make. Your pictures are beautiful, as always!

Heather B said...

Loved this recipe! Easy and delicious! Your pictures look amazing as always!

La Cuisine d'Helene said...

I love simple desserts that looks stunning and delicious. Nice pics.

AmyRuth said...

You know, I loved this palm sized treat. So delicious and easy.

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