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Devil's Food White-Out Cake - Tuesdays with Dorie

devils food cake with slice on plate

I know everyone in TWD has been looking forward to this week, because Stephanie of Confessions of a City Eater chose Devil's Food White-Out Cake, AKA the "cover cake"! This is the gorgeous cake featured on the cover of Dorie's book. It's definitely a striking cake, with the stark contrast of pure white marshmallow topping against the deep brown of the chocolate cake inside.


Besides being pretty, the cake is very tasty as well! I especially liked it a day after baking, because it became a lot denser and fudgier in the fridge.

devils food cake side view

The cake itself had three different kinds of chocolate in it — melted dark chocolate, cocoa powder, and chunks of milk chocolate mixed in throughout the batter.

melted chocolate with spooncocoa powder and dry ingredients
milk chocolate bar

I haven't eaten milk chocolate in so long that it was a bit strange to me and didn't actually taste like chocolate. I thought it was good in the cake, not terribly noticeable from a flavor perspective, but nice to have for the texture.

The batter is assembled via the creaming method, creaming the butter and sugar first, adding the eggs, vanilla, and melted chocolate, and then adding the dry ingredients alternately with the buttermilk. The final step of adding boiled water to the batter was new to me, but worked out fine.

creamed butter and sugareggs added
vanilla and chocolate addedafter adding dry ingredients and milk
finished batter

Batter in the pan...

chocolate cake batter in pan

And the finished cakes:

chocolate cakes baked, in pans

baked cakes, side view

The frosting was a marshmallow style frosting, with syrup at the soft ball stage poured slowly into the running mixer on top of whipped egg whites. Mine came out very fluffy and sticky!

marshmallow frosting

Meanwhile, I split the cakes into four layers, not without difficulty because they were so tender. I crumbled the extra layer for the outer decoration (and used the leftovers for some white-chocolate-covered cake balls!)

bottom layer of cake

crumbled cake layer

Frosting the cake was a little challenging at first, because the frosting is so sticky that it kind of clings to the cake, so the cake kept coming up and ripping. I eventually got the hang of it and just tried to get the coating right the first time.

first layer with frostingfrosting for second layer
third layer on topafter crumb coat
frosting done

After frosting, I just decorated the sides and top with the crumbled cake layer. Harder than it looks! I had to tilt the cake to get the crumbs on the sides, which was a little scary for me, but it worked out ;)

decorated cake

Here are the ingredients and calories, as usual. I'm really warning you about the calories this time. But what do you expect from a fudgy chocolate layer cake? At least there's no butter in the frosting!

166 g all-purpose flour (1 1/3 c)
40 g unsweetened cocoa powder (1/2 c)
3/4 t baking soda
1/2 t baking powder
1/4 t salt
140 g unsalted butter (1 1/4 sticks/10 T), room temperature
110 g light brown sugar (1/2 c packed)
100 g sugar (1/2 c)
3 large eggs, room temperature
1 t vanilla extract
2 oz bittersweet chocolate (57 g), melted and cooled
1/2 c buttermilk or whole milk (118 ml), room temperature
1/2 c boiling water (118 ml)
4 oz semisweet or milk chocolate (113 g), finely chopped

Marshmallow filling/frosting:
1/2 c egg whites (4 large)
200 g sugar (1 c)
3/4 t cream of tartar
1 c water (118 ml)
1 T vanilla extract

[recipe instructions on Stephanie's blog]

Nutrition Facts from NutritionData.com:
per slice, 1/12th of recipe
[click to show or hide]

Thanks again to Stephanie for picking this delicious cake. I counted it as my birthday cake, even though I made it a few days before! :) Go check out her blog for the full recipe, and see all the other cakes on the TWD blogroll.

To my fellow TWD'ers, I still have all of your floating islands saved on my google reader! Sorry I am so behind, but hopefully I can get fully caught up this week! :)

slice of cake with fork


Bria said...

Your cake turned out lovely! I love the photo's too.

Marthe said...

Yum!!! It looks delicious!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

What a gorgeous cake! Beautiful and really tempting! It could very well be featured on the cover of a magazine or book...



LizNoVeggieGirl said...


Steph said...

I love your progress pics! The cake looks wonderful. What kind of cake pans do you useƉ

natalia said...

You are too good ! Che bello !!

Anonymous said...

I love the way your layers of cake and filling remained distinct, just like the cover photo. Mine kind of blended together and looked a little messy. Yours are perfect!

snicketmom said...

You cake looks amazing, and thanks for posting the nutrition info (I think). Happy birthday!

Nancy/n.o.e said...

Your cake is stunning - I love the picture of your perfect layers. They cooked so evenly and that crumb is to die for! So pretty.

chocolatechic said...

Beautiful as always.

Cathy said...

Good gosh -- I love everthing about this post (except for the calorie calculation -- I mean, glad you posted it, but ack!) I am so with you on milk chocolate -- it used to be the kind of chocolate I ate, and now it tastes weird to me! TWD is training us, I guess. Your cake looks gorgeous!

Maria said...

Stunning photos and cake!!

Anonymous said...

That last picture is gorgeous. I am jealous of anyone who had well defined layers. Nicely done.

AmyRuth said...

I'm not so scared to scroll down anymore. hmmm maybe I'm getting brave about all those calories. he he he Your cake looks so pretty and I love the composition of your first photo. Black plate/ white napkin. So so pretty.
I'm going to the frig for a "day after" taste.

farah said...

Beautiful cake and wonderful photos!

Megan said...

Oh my gosh Kim - I thought your cake WAS the cover cake - you made it so perfectly!

Sabrina said...

Great job! Looks better than the cover of the book! :)

Isabelle Lambert said...

encore plus beau que celui en couverture du livre de Dorie :)

Amy of Sing For Your Supper said...

Mmmm - it looks amazing! Very pretty!


Melissa said...

Gorgeous layers! Yours looks great!

Passionate Baker said...

wowww. your cake turned out stunning!
absolutely flawless!
great job !

Kayte said...

Gorgeous, as always...love the photos, and the cake and cake slice are exceptionally beautiful. I am really liking the frosting photos as I wasn't sure how long to beat that stuff...your photo shows it all so well...thanks!

Di said...

That's a really lovely cake! Awesome job.

The Food Librarian said...

So amazing! Your cake look just like the cover!!! Your play by play is awesome too!

vibi said...

Looove the brown plate! Okay... but that's not to say I don't like the cake!!! LOL

Totaly mouthwatering, Kim!!!

Ivette said...

Your photo's look amazingly great.. just like your cake! I thought this cake was delicious.

Anonymous said...

I love that you recreated the cover photo!!!! Absolutely stunning!

Leslie said...

Yikes, I wish I hadn't clicked to find the nutritional information!!! But I am glad you are performing this valuable public service. Your cake looks fabulous! I love the process photos.

Anonymous said...

that looks divine! so fluffy!

Pamela said...

Beautiful! I am amazed at how thick and voluminous your frosting was! Perhaps jealous is a better word. :o)

Unknown said...

What a beautiful cake! It looks just as good as Dorie's!

Finla said...

Wowo you have such a delicious place here.

Anonymous said...

YUM! Your cake looks gorgeous. Yikes! at the calories though.

Anonymous said...

What a great rendition of the white out cake! Yours looks wonderful.

Danielle said...

Looks beautiful, great job!

Anne said...

Wow, those are absolutely stunning photos as usual! I'm happy to say I didn't check out the nutritional stats for this one, though. I can only imagine!

Erin said...

Your cake looks gorgeous! I love your pictures.

Anonymous said...

This is like the snow on trees here. Just fantastic! I wish I had a piece of it right now near my cup of tea.

TeaLady said...

Your cake could be on the cover with Dories. It looks fantastic.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That cake is gorgeous, and your slices looks as good as the ones in the book. How on earth did you manage that? I was sure they must have frozen the one in the book to make it look so neat, but obviously the fault lies with me!

Engineer Baker said...

Beautiful job! I agree that milk chocolate doesn't really taste like chocolate to me either. And the frosting - I love how billowy it looks in the mixer!

Shari said...

Happy belated birthday! Your cake looks as good as the cover photo! Well done!

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