Sunday, July 20, 2008

Turkey Meatballs Parmesan

meatballs covered in sauce and cheese

It's a given in our house that any type of meat is better when covered in sauce and cheese. Unfortunately, the calories do tend to add up, so we've moved away from red meat and usually opt for a leaner choice, like chicken or turkey.

I've made turkey meatballs before using almond flour instead of bread crumbs, and they always come out pretty nice and moist. This time, though, I wanted to change things up, so I found this recipe, which Erin got from Rachael Ray. It seemed pretty easy and fast, so I gave it a try.

baked meatballs

It lived up to the easy and fast reputation, but it wasn't great. The meatballs looked pretty good, but they were kind of dry in the middle -- maybe because they were so big. I usually make mine a lot smaller than this and cook them for a shorter time. Anyway, the dryness made the sauce-and-cheese addition a necessity rather than a luxury.

meatballs covered in sauce

I used our favorite red sauce, Rao's, which we love for the taste as well as the fact that it uses simple ingredients and has no added sugar. It's expensive, but I'm not kidding when I say I could drink this stuff, and I'm pretty sure A. has done exactly that ;)

I topped it with shredded light Havarti cheese, which is great for melting. Then, I put the dish back into the warm oven and turned on the broiler for a few minutes, just until the cheese was a bit brown and bubbly.

whole dish with meatballs and green beans

With steamed green beans for a side dish, this was actually a pretty healthy meal! Which, of course, I later ruined by eating dessert. Sigh... Excuse me while I go work out again.


Missy said...

I find Giada's turkey meatballs to be quite delightful. Instead of frying them I bake them and they always come out amazing. Maybe give them a shot next time. However, the thought of Meatballs Parmesan made me swoon a little. Okay a lot. Yum!

kim said...

thanks for the link, missy -- giada's look good, i will definitely give them a try!

kelly.dee said...

If it's any condolence, they look absolutely fantastic!--Even if they only tasted so-so.

Jaime said...

those look delicious!

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