Wednesday, April 23, 2008

White Chocolate Brownies

A.'s birthday is on Friday, and since I'm not going to have a chance to make something for him then, I decided to make him a treat last week. Among his favorite foods are gooey desserts and white chocolate, so I flipped to the brownie recipes in Dorie's baking masterpiece and looked for the gooiest possible brownie, subbing in white chocolate for dark.

white chocolate brownie on plate with raspberries

In the recipe, Dorie warns against heating the butter/chocolate mix to too high a temperature or it would separate. Well, it looked OK when it was in the pan, but I'm pretty sure mine separated, because I had a layer of some tye of liquid on top of the whole thing up until I mixed in the flour. I decided to push forward anyway, since I figured that would just affect the texture and not the taste. (And I didn't have any more white chocolate to start over.)

The brownies were seriously wobbly when I first tried to take them out of the oven, so I left 'em in a few extra minutes to set a little more. They smelled gorgeous, and the crust looked great after it cooled and sank down a bit.

brownies in pan

Dorie said that these would be extremely gooey, but HOLY COW, these were pretty much oozing out everywhere. (Maybe due to the fat separation above...) That's not to say they weren't absolutely delicious, though.

They didn't really taste too much like white chocolate, more like a yellow cake flavor... but the gooey inside juxtaposed with the crisp crust made for a great overall texture (even if it was a bit gooier than normal). Kind of reminded me of creme brulee in bar form;) It also went really well with the raspberries!


Erin said...

These look good! I've been wanting someone to choose this, so it was nice to see how they turned out!

kim said...

thanks! they were very tasty, i hope someone picks them because i want to try dark chocolate ones too :)

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