Friday, March 28, 2008

Whiskey Sours

North Carolina trip continued...

My family has a secret recipe for whiskey sours. Well, that's what we call them, but I'm not sure most mixologists would agree after taking a look at them...

Well, whatever they are, they're absolutely delicious! Always a hit at a party, and a de facto part of any family get-together :)

This photo is a result of my mom and I trying to channel Martha Stewart:

They're definitely good things.


mangomix said...

Looks great - well, definitely not a classic whiskey sour, but who cares? I know it's impolite to ask, but they did make me curious, so I just give it a try: what IS the secret recipe? ^^
Regards from Germany, Chris aka mangomix

kimberly salem said...

@Chris, all I can say is that the banana is optional ;)

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