Thursday, March 6, 2008

Cheery cupcakes

I've been in a bad mood all week, so I decided to make these cupcakes to cheer me up a bit. They turned out to be very tasty and definitely made a dent in the gloom :) (My frosting skills haven't gotten any better after the acquisition of the Wilton 53-piece decorating kit... it looks so eeeeasy in the book...)

I got the recipe here: Blueberry and Raspberry Ricotta Almond with Cream Cheese frosting. There are so many creative recipes on that blog, I love it! I'm also jealous of the lightyears-better decorating prowess over there ;)

Anatomy of a cupcake:

photos by me

It was a nice diversion from this disaster week. I think I'll need to start an IV of the cream cheese frosting if this week gets any worse.


Banjo said...

Oh yes, I love this adorable tissue paper! Great minds think alike =}

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