Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Chai + White Chocolate

After yesterday's frosting fiaster, I decided to try out swiss meringue buttercream one more time. I must say that it turned out about 1000 times better, texture-wise, anyway... nice and light and silky :) The Dyann Bakes video for this frosting helped me out tremendously.

I decided to make a chai flavored cupcake (recipe here) with white chocolate frosting. I had a hard time finding the white chocolate SM buttercream recipe, but eventually found a great one (at the bottom of the linked page) from Mr. Weddingcakes.com, Ron Ben-Israel.

My local grocery store didn't have any non-coconut-flavored white chocolate bars, so I decided to get Lindt white chocolate truffles instead to flavor the icing. Turned out pretty well, and I used the leftovers to drizzle on top of the cupcakes... mmm.

I haven't actually tried these yet, but if the smell was any indication, they were great! A.'s coworkers are probably feasting on them as I type this, or will be soon :)


Anonymous said...

Bravo on the chai cupcakes! Thanks to A for distributing them in WP!

kimberly salem said...

thanks! glad you liked them ;)

Marianna said...

Hey, I found your stream on flickr first before then discovering your blog! These cupcakes captured my attention bc the flavour combination of chai + white chocolate must be fab!! Great blog btw!!

Jena said...

mmmmm... these look fabulous, too! I'm so glad StumbleUpon brought me to your blog! (you've been added to my feed reader.)

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