Thursday, March 13, 2008


Ate at one of my favorite pizza places, Adrienne's, last night. The contents of the doggy bag...

We opted for sausage and broccoli, which turned out to be a great combo.

I love the Adrienne's crust, it's crispy on the outside with just a touch of chewiness inside... delicious!

from the dinner section of my photo site

I'm actually surprised that there was anything left, it was so good!


Jena said...

sausage & broccoli? interesting... my personal favorite: grilled chicken & banana peppers. it's completely crave-able. oh! to have the pizza options of NYC... I can't even find banana peppers at the grocery store, let alone get them on a pizza. next year I'm growing my own!

kimberly salem said...

i've never tried that combo!! i will have to keep an eye out :) A. loves banana peppers!

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