Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Brown bottoms

I found this recipe yesterday and decided it would be my project for the night. Turned out pretty well (but evil for the waistline).

They were moist and very chocolatey. According to A., they were the best dessert I've ever made, so that's pretty good. Of course, I haven't really made all that many for him over the years, so I'm not sure how high that bar is actually set.

We only ate two of them and brought the rest to work to pawn them off on coworkers. They think we're doing them a favor! Suckers ;)


beth said...

These are what I brought to Nationals!

kim said...

really?? i wish i'd had them then... so good!

beth said...

I think we are making them for 3/29, so if we do I will be sure to put one aside for you. Skip probably ate yours...

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