Friday, December 21, 2007

Cookie Extravaganza!

Q: What is the best part about the holiday season? (Hint: It's NOT waiting in line at the store listening to "The Happy Elf" play on repeat.)

A: THE COOKIES, of course!

As a tribute to one of the most photogenic foods, here is my 2007 Holiday Cookie Extravaganza!


Here, witness the birth of some holiday-shaped sugar cookie goodness:

Photo by Bethany L King

And later, all grown up and wearing some pretty, pretty frosting:

Photo by Bethany L King

How did this sneak in with the cookies?! Well, they look pretty delicious... must be the sprinkles:

Photo by Mike Schmid

At first glance I thought EverySpoon was trying out her Photoshop skills, but I think the background might be an awesome placemat. Either way, she definitely has a steady frosting hand!

Photo by EverySpoon

These are one of my favorite cookie types... note the glaze oozage:

Photo by Greg Palmer

Tasty trees with some major sugar texture:

Photo by timitalia

Can't leave out the gingerbread, of course!

Photo by solyanka

Now it's time to say goodbye, since I will be traveling most of next week and might not be able to post... but fear not, I will be back soon to spread more scrumptiousness!

Photo by Ody5iu5

All photos used under the creative commons license.

Happy Holidays!!


Gillian said...

I just stumbled across this old post. I'm EverySpoon and I'm really happy that you like my cookies!

And, you're exactly right. The background is a really cool plate. I may know baking, but I sure don't know Photoshop ;)

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